President Ramaphosa called and Therapy Works listened: Pro bono therapy sessions offered

As part of their Ubuntu Initiative to provide affordable therapeutic help & support during COVID-19, the Team at Therapy Works are offering pro bono sessions to the unemployed, retrenched, or minimum wage earners.

South Africans are faced with enormous challenges in attempting to deal with the COVID-19 pandemic. Many of these health, economic, and social challenges are still unknown and have never been encountered before.

“I am because of You” (Ubuntu)

We cannot then expect to Have all the Answers,
We will Make Mistakes… We will Cry…
We will Laugh… We will Suffer… We will Learn…
And… in Time… We will Get Through this Together, for
“I am because of you” and our Community, our Society, and our Nation is because of Us!

Therapy Works offers pro bono sessions for the unemployed and 50% off for all frontline essential services

In the Spirit of African Ubuntu, Therapy Works Wellness Centre is providing all psychological services, now integrated, real-time Virtual Therapeutic Consultations, available for individuals, couples, families, groups, and organisations, up until the end of May, as follows:

  • 30% Off for the Public
  • 50% Off for all COVID-19 Frontline Essential Service Responders
  • Pro Bono Sessions for all Unemployed, Retrenched, Minimum-Wage-Earning

Therapy Works Wellness Centre invites other Providers, Businesses, and Stakeholders in South Africa to join hands in this Ubuntu Initiative so that we emerge from this stronger and united together.

For more information about this exciting Ubuntu Initiative or to Book an Appointment Now please contact Therapy Works Wellness Centre on:

By Dr Warwick Phipps, Director, Therapy Works Wellness Centre, 30-04-2020

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