Stress Management

Stress Management

What is Stress Management

Stress management is the ability to manage or fulfill daily tasks in such a way that it incurs minimum stress or anxiety

– Phipps, 2017

This involves the ability to identify, prioritize, plan, and systematically approach tasks. To do this it is often necessary to enlist the support of others or even to delegate, defer, or decline some tasks.

This is done in a relaxed and mindful way and keeping any irrational thoughts, relating to stress or worry, at bay.

About the training

  • Specific, tailored groups(adults/teens, etc)
  • Structured workshop process
  • 6 sessions over 6 weeks
  • Limited participants, small group
  • Skills-based learning & techniques
  • Between-session excercises

Who is it for?

  • Executives & upper managers
  • Professionals
  • Students
  • School-going children
  • Anyone studying or facing exams
  • Teachers

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