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What is Remedial Support?

The word “remediation” comes from the root word, “remedy.” A remedy is something that corrects or cures a condition. Our goal is to correct and overcome learning problems that keep children from reaching their potential.
Think of your child’s education as a bit like building a house. It’s impossible to start working on the second floor unless you’ve laid a solid foundation and built a sturdy staircase up to the next level. Remedial instruction targets the foundational skills your child needs to master. This is important to help him or her make progress with more advanced skills and concepts.

Who would benefit from remedial support?

A remedial support program is for students who have average or higher intellectual abilities but who are not performing well in school. Typically, remedial students are not struggling because of their intellectual abilities but instead because they are struggling with one subject area like reading, writing or mathematics. Remedial programs are designed to help give the students the individual attention that they need to build their skills and their confidence so that they can live up to their potential.

What is the difference between remedial support and tutoring?

Tutoring focuses primarily on content. A tutor makes sure that the student understands the concepts and materials relevant to a specific subject or course of study.

In contrast, remediation focuses on process and considers ‘how’ the individual student actually learns and provides the student with personally tailored skills (i.e., compensatory strategies) in an effort to capitalize on his or her learning strengths and to compensate for specific learning weaknesses or disability (e.g., memory, language). The primary emphasis in remediation is to focus on the learning process itself in addition to specific content. Remedial intervention focuses on choosing teaching methods and strategies which match the learning style of the individual student. Once the student grasps the method, he or she receives assistance in transferring the learning process best suited to his or her needs to school related assignments.

What we offer:

Remedial assessments for reading, spelling, comprehension and math skills.

In remediation situations, it is important to evaluate the student. Students who struggle with reading or maths do so because they lack specific skills necessary for proficiency in reading or maths conceptualization. The aim of the assessment is to assist the therapist in determining where the gaps are and how to proceed in remedying the problem.

Development of English literacy skills of learners through the training of parents and educators in practical strategies such as home and classroom interventions which can assist in the development of skills in learners.

The role of the remedial teacher is that of a working relationship with the child, the parents or caregivers and the teacher. All need to work together towards a common goal in order to maximise the results. The training of parents and caregivers as well as teachers makes this possible.

Private individualised remedial lessons for learners from Grade 1 to Grade 7,

Grade 1 to Grade 7: –
Reading (Speed, fluency, word recognition, word attack skills, visual perceptual skills)
Spelling (Putting sound to print, encoding and decoding of words, auditory perceptual skills) Language Structures and Functional Usage, Comprehension Skills, Vocabulary Enrichment.
Mathematical Reasoning, understanding number concept, Patterns, Functions and Algebra, Problem solving, Mental mathematics.

Early Intervention for Grade R,

Grade R: –
Visual Perception, Visual Motor skills, Auditory Processing, Beginning Reading Skills, Beginning Writing Skills, Beginning Number Concept.

The aim of these lessons and interventions is to close the gaps in learning that are preventing learners from reaching their full potential, in a way that is meaningful to their unique learning style.

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