The Kissing Hand

Author: Audrey Penn


This is a lovely book to read to children who are scared and have difficulty with going to school. It shows them that no matter where they are, the love of their mom or dad will always be with them.

Human Sexual Inadequacy

Author: William H. Masters, Virginia E. Johnson


This is a revolutionary book exploring the aspects of human sexual behaviour. The book shows the reader how Masters and Johnson use methods from both a physiological and psychological view to assist partners that experience many forms of sexual difficulties. This is a must read for all health professionals in assisting in the treatment of sexual difficulties.

IMPACT – The Story of Interactional Therapy

Author: Charl Voster
Release year: 2011


This is an extraordinary book that vividly describes and illustrates the nature of Interactional Therapy.

It shows the reader how this approach to therapy incorporates General Systems Theory, Humanistic Theory and Communication Theory, not only on a theoretical level, but it helps the reader to experience Interactional Therapy. The book also introduces the Interactional Pattern Analysis, a powerful diagnostic tool that assists the psychotherapist in identifying the nodal point of the psychological difficulty and thus directing therapeutic input.

“I relate, therefore I am. Thus, how I impact on you and how you impact on me determine the nature and quality if our being.” – Charl Vorster

General Systems Theory and Psychotherapy: Beyond Post Modernism

Author: Charl Voster
Release year: 2003


The book takes the reader on a journey on the development of Interactional Therapy. It shows the reader how the focus in psychotherapy gradually shifted from an intra-psychic perspective—placing the focus on the processes going on inside a person’s mind—to an inter-psychic perspective which emphasize the observable interaction between people in the here-and-know.

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