Cogmed is a comprehensive and intensive program scientifically designed for training and enhancing working memory abilities in children and adults. The software-based intervention entails different visuospatial and verbal tasks that systematically challenge the working memory capacity.


Working memory is the ability to briefly remember information and use this information in your thinking. It can also be thought of as active attention. Your working memory is used in the completion of everyday activities, including:

– Remembering instructions, steps or directions while following through on a specific task

– Reading and remembering what you read

– Problem-solving

– Planning, organizing and structuring your daily life

– Focusing on a task without being unnecessarily distracted


Is designed to train your working memory in a way that is similar to how physical exercise trains your muscles.

Based on your performance in the program, Cogmed automatically adjusts the difficulty level of the exercises, so that you are consistently working at a level that is challenging. This way, your
working memory undergoes an intense “work-out” that has been individually structured for you in each and every session!

Improvements in Everyday Activities:

  • Attention & concentration
  • Reading & mathematical abilities
  • Ability to manage workspace effectively
  • Ability to remember  instructions
  • Problem-solving
  • Planning, organizing, & structuring
  • Focusing on a task without being unnecessarily distracted

The Comprehensive Program consists of:

  • Initial Interview
  • Start-Up Session
  • 25 Online Training Sessions
  • 5 Coach Calls
  • Wrap-Up Session & Certificate
  • Follow-Up Session


Group of 5+ trainees only pay R3900.00  p/p! Plus claim between 15-40% back from medical aid!*

*Dependent on medical aid

“I found it to be very valuable. At the start though it was hard and I didn’t think I would even finish. But as I continued it became a bit of game for me, where each day I wanted to beat my score from the day before. Then sort of unexpectedly I began to notice that my ability to remember things was improving as well as my ability to focus and concentrate. Actually, one of the things I discovered is that I can memorize new cellphone numbers fairly easily, something I didn’t realize I could do! Since I finished the program, I would say that I’ve noticed a big improvement in my attention and concentration. I’ve stopped putting things off as much, which I used to do a lot. Also, I’ve learnt more about how my own memory and my own brain works. I think it’s a great program and I’m proud I’ve done it!” (Dean, 2019)

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